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Sun Jul 11, 2004

Faves — InfoGraphicsDesigner

Visual Explanations
Elements & Principles of Design, John Lovett, Australia
Principles of Graphic Design, Mundi Design Studios, USA
More Than Just Eye Candy: Graphics for e-Learning, Dr Ruth Colvin Clark, USA
Understanding USA, Richard Saul Wurman, USA
New ET Writings, Artworks & News, Edward Tufte, USA
Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2003, Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen-Norman Group, USA
In Praise of Good Design, Don Norman, Nielsen-Norman Group, USA
First Principles of Interaction Design, Bruce Tognazzini, Nielsen-Norman Group, USA
Visual checklist, Dr Bernie Dodge, San Diego State University, USA read more...

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Faves — OnlineLearningTeacher

Educational Design & Technology
Developing Instruction or Instructional Design, Donald Clark, Washington, USA
Gagne's Learning Objectives & Instructional Events, Leilani Carbonell, San Francisco State University, USA
Jonassen's home page, University of Missouri-Columbria, USA
Clark's Four Learning Architectures, Chuck Barritt, Cisco Systems, USA
Interactive Visual Explainers A Simple Classification, Maish Nichani & Venkat Rajamanickam, Singapore
Problem-Based Learning, University of Delaware, USA
Salmon's Five-stage model for e-Moderation, UK

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Faves — SingleCatholicWoman

Bible, Catechism, Canon Law, etc.
Essential: Catechism of the Catholic Church
Online Bibles: Online Parallel Bible | Douay-Rheims | Latin Vulgate | NAB | NRSV
Mobile Bibles: Free PDA bible downloads
More: Code of the Canon Law | Documents of Vatican Council II | The Catholic Encyclopedia

The Church
Worldwide: The Vatican
Singapore: Catholic Church Directory | Mandarin-Speaking Apostolate Catholic Info Web
Parishes southwest of Singapore: Holy Cross | St Ignatius | St Mary's of the Angels

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Tue Dec 23, 2003

If You Are Feeling Generous...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH even if you are just entertaining the thought. You would do more good if you were to say a little prayer for me, donate to a charitable organization or do some other good works in my name. Seriously. ;-)

Personally, i don't believe in buying gifts for others (or receiving any from them), unless they are special to me AND the gifts are more or less what we want. The reason: we often receive stuff which we don't really need or want.

However, if you insist and want to give me something that i would really want:
- if you are travelling, just bring back one of those free maps given by the tourism board there -- i love poring over maps and doing some 'mind' travelling; OR
- give me a book or disc (music or video) which you have enjoyed, then i'll have a 'part' of you; OR
- check out my Wish List in the site.

p/s: It does not matter whether you buy the gift(s) off or somewhere else (such as Borders or a Catholic store). What does matter is that they reach the right address -- you know where. ;-) Thanks a million, gracias, arigato, terima kase, xie xie!

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