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Most Brilliant Man in the Renaissance?

LEONARDO DA VINCI is probably the most brilliant man in the Renaissance. Attended an exhibition on his work while in Boston, USA, a few years ago. Took a few hours just to go through the exhibits very selectively and quickly.

But i enjoyed myself tremendously. The man's so prolific and innovative. Besides excelling in drawings, paintings, and sculptures, he was also into mechanical (bridges, windmills) and aeronautical engineering, and even surgical operations!

One of da Vinci's most famous paintings is Mona Lisa. If you have looked at Mona Lisa's eyes before, you may have noticed that no matter from which angle you are looking at them, they will appear to gaze back at you.
Mona Lisa's eyes

A theory goes that Da Vinci achieved this effect by painting himself using something like a mirror. ;-)

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