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The Splash Ink Master III

Tan Swie HianIT'S PROBABLY TIME TO HONOR a local talent. ;-)

Painter, calligrapher, poet, writer and philosopher Tan Swie Hian (TSH) received the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Crystal Award on 28th January 2003 in Davos, Switzerland - joining the ranks of Umberto Eco, Lord Menuhin, Paulo Coelho, Elie Wiesel...

TSH is also one of the very few living artists who has a museum dedicated in his name - the Tan Swie Hian Museum at 460 Sims Avenue (near Geylang Lor 31), Singapore.

According to one art critic (Kwok Kian Chow), Tan Swie Hian "utilised the language of ink -- including the use of void in composition -- to express inner feeling and personal symbolism... [His] Humming Birds Racing [on the left, below] is a translation of D. H. Lawrence's poem into visual form."

Humming Birds Racing Night Kites

For some reason, my eyes were drawn at once to the 'strings of upward spiralling' hummingbirds -- they look like a blossoming flower. It seems to me that TSH has added a whimsical touch to the fluidity and dainty beauty of Chinese paintings and calligraphy. Isn't TSH's Humming Birds Racing absolutely charming?

Another beautiful painting by TSH (on the right, above) is called the Night Kites. A critic (or admirer?) wrote that it is "an ecstatic phenomenon, a celebration of the power and the flux of creativity itself."

A friend commented that she could only see a stormy backdrop in this painting. For me, however, i see several orange butterfly-like kites flying above a gigantic lotus pond. Quite ʫ黭 (poetic). Yet, in a sense, this friend could be right. Maybe TSH is trying to show the triumph of one's spirit in adversity through the soaring kites. ;-)

i guess this is the essence and beauty of abstract art -- open interpretation.

btw, TSH's art reminds me of Pollock's. Just that TSH's style is more beautiful and perhaps more controlled.

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