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The Splash Ink Master III (cont'd)

AHHH... TO PICK UP WHERE i stopped the last time:

Quite a coincidence. Since the forum was down, i've attended an SCO concert, a TheatreWorks play and a StageIt! musical on May 31, June 14 and July 4. The SCO concert happened to feature a pre-concert forum and some live calligraphy demo by Tan Swie Hian (TSH) during the concert itself.

Was truly glad to finally meet TSH in person. He seems so cheerful and humble. And the live calligraphy demo was fantastic. His was really good -- to be half-squatting for about 10 minutes as he moved around and wrote large Chinese characters on a huge piece of rice paper. Also saw his works and heard him talk on a ChannelNewsAsia Dreamseekers interview.

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