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What is E.S.P.R.I*.T.?

E.S.P.R.I*.T. is an instructional design model which i developed two years ago when i was asked to create a knowledge portal to showcase good online teaching practices in the polytechnic.

ESPRIT model

Each letter in the word stands for one of the six recommended stages, namely:
- Explore: Audience, Context & Content
- Strategize: Identity, Interactions & Information
- Produce: Prepping, Building & Testing
- Rollout: Time, Cost & Scope
- Influence: Motivation, Engagement & Empowerment
- Track: Reactions, Learning, Transfer & Results

BASICALLY, E.S.P.R.I*.T. seeks to integrate the traditional A.D.D.I.E. model (Explore) with:
- Clement Mok's Information Architecture model (Strategize),
- Kelly Goto's Web ReDesign workflow (Produce),
- the well-known 'project management triangle' (Rollout),
- Gilly Salmon's e-Moderating model (Influence) and
- Kirkpatrick's 4-level Evaluation model (Track).

In particular, the Influence stage in E.S.P.R.I*.T. injects a very crucial people-oriented element into the system-oriented ADDIE model.

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