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Yay! First Lap Done!

YESTERDAY, A CLASSMATE L. emailed to inform us that the grades for the semester had been posted online. Logged into the portal and learnt with great delight that i've scored A's (Excellent) for both modules.

YAY! All that hardwork over the past two months have paid off. Called project partner W. at once to give him the good news. He was in a meeting, but he also went "Yay!"

Now, with two modules down, my first lap (semester) is done. Six more modules and three more laps to go. Then, a thesis that can take about a year to complete, so i was told. A long way to go -- perhaps another two and a half years. Quite a daunting prospect at times. Nevertheless, this is a GOOD beginning!

Now, an enticing four-week TESOL certificate program beckons all the way from Rome, Italy! Surely, "to go or not to go?" is not the question. Rather, it's when, who and how!

by tree#138680 on Wed Jun 09 04 2:56 pm | profile


Had been working so hard over the past few months. Could be burning out soon.

Shortly after part-time studies (and 'midnight oil burning') ended, preparation work for part-time teaching began. Migration of my website followed closely. Then the online components of my course have to be up...

Now, migration is done and my new course site is running smoothly. It's break time theoretically, but grading time practically.

Work, work, work! When will i get to really rest?

Posted by: tree#138680 on Wed Jun 09 04 3:28 pm

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