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What De-motivated and Still De-motivates?

NO APRIL'S FOOLS JOKE. Posted the following de-motivating factors for me as a learner on the discussion forum (DF) on 1st April:

"1. Prior Commitment
I have work-related matters and eh, a week-long holiday to attend to. [Then, it was SARS-related quarrantine for almost 2 weeks. Later, a week for spiritual renewal.]

2. A 'Push' Factor
I feel a certain revulsion, or to put more mildly, plain inertia. Just one week away from the DF and "My Goodness! How the messages have multipled!" The thought of having to plough through all these messages (now seen as "readings", as Iris called them during last wed's virtual chat) is enough to put me off. In other words, the volume and the textual nature of the discussion makes learning rather unattractive.

3. Weak 'Pull' Factors (especially 'emotionally')
Sure, my motivation is high - i take up this course to gain knowledge and to get a qualification. i also think discussion with my tutors and peers is necessary to gain deeper insight. However, if i compare my rate of participation in this learning forum with that in another forum (which is not related to work or study) which i feel emotionally tuned in, reasons (1) and (2) are not enough to stop me from making time to take part in the latter forum. In a way, members of a community need to 'buy in' emotionally to the idea of belonging to this community before they will become active and contributing partipants."

After the post, E. very sensibly pointed out the flipside to relying on emotional commitment as motivation, "...if someone is very emotionally involved in something else that is happening in their life (or, more generally, in the world), it is difficult to stay as focused on one's work or study. There are some periods in my life when some major concern I have seems to use up all my emotional energy and 'drains' me so that I can't focus as well on other things that are also important. No amount of telling oneself to 'pull yourself together' seems to help sometimes."

i think in a very true sense, this probably sums up another key reason why my usual drive to study flew out of the window these few months. i had been emotionally distracted by a relationship issue, and E. said it all. So, this is how some (or is it many?) of our students feel like! And the heavy textual nature and the required rigor of authoritative references in an academic program like this one doesn't help.

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