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What Motivated and Still Motivates?


1. Personal Interest
When i first started on the course in early March, i was highly motivated and raring to go. i've paid for the Teaching Online course fees out of my own pocket. Had been teaching a tertiary subject part-time for a year. And due to an on-going project on a knowledge portal for instructional designers, i've also been researching on the subject on my own for almost two years.

2. Professional Need
At work, a second run of the School ID program has also started. Will be helping to moderate some of the online discussions. So, skills acquired from the Teaching Online course will come in just handy. i also wanted the qualification: a Masters' degree in educational technology will help open doors to better job opportunities, i hope.

3. Prior Experience
i was one of the 20-odd staff on a 4-month customized School ID program last year, put together by an Australian u. to help teaching staff handle design, facilitation and evaluation issues of Flexible Learning in our polytechnic. Enjoyed the online discussion with the students and tutors, especially Dr G. So noted with pleasure that he is the key facilitator for the course.

4. Class Dynamics
Initial rounds of self-introductions by course participants on the forum was most promising. There's Mila from Argentina and Jo C. from Japan -- so exceptionally warm and friendly! Ah, there's Andrew B. from Bangkok and LKM from Hongkong. i would like to meet them when i get there in a few weeks' time. Then, there's David S. from Jerusalem who travels to Prague thrice a year. How exciting! And many many others from all over the world -- Australia, Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, Spain, UK, Netherlands.... so mind-boggling -- such an international group of students with such impressive experiences and credentials!

Thirteen weeks into the program, almost all the above factors still apply. Another plus was the responsiveness of tutors like G. and B. Got a week's extension for Assignment 1 and then a two-week extension for Assignment 2 quite readily. Now, this IS Flexible Learning.

So, how did i let myself be side-tracked?

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