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Discipline vs. Freedom II

(See also Discipline vs. Freedom I in InfoGraphicsDesigner.)

FOR CENTURIES AND PERHAPS EVEN EONS, many wise men have used thought-provoking methods of teaching their followers. For example, Jesus, Socrates, Confucius, and so on, have expertly used a question and answer technique to help their disciples or followers learn to think for themselves. However, in academic circles, pedagogical theories have only recently evolved from instructivism to constructivism.

For some time, many researchers and practitioners would support one school of thought and criticize the other school of thought. For them, this is often a mutually exclusive ('either or') choice and not an inclusive ('both can do') choice.

The Reflective Practitioner is probably another paradox.

...more later

(See also Discipline vs. Freedom III in SingleCatholicWoman.)

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