And Mary said:“My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour.” — Luke 1:45,46



Troubled Lives, Untroubled Hearts
The Peace-Of-Mind Game
LinkedIn ... to Divine Powers
Holy Fixation
A Dynamic & Holy Leisure
A 19-Mile Fall
The Lord of the Storm
Turning Again & Again (Ceaseless Prayer I)
Trust & Gratitude
Unopened Tomorrows
Our God-given Weapons
Praying Into God's Level
Spotless and Tainted
But If Not!
Why These Rocks?
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Life's Worth Living When...
A Psalm of Trust
Psallite Deo
Wrestling With God
Room For One More!
What Trust Looks Like
Saints & Sinners All II
The Problem of Pain III
Single By Choice, Or Not
Our Will Be Done?
Why A Visible Universal Church?
Why Is Good Friday Good... II
The Original Sin II
Priest's Trial Pains The Flock
That Leap Of Faith
The Original Sin
O Perfect Joy!
No Saint Who Is Not...
Mother Of All Virtues II
Neither Death Nor Life
Ero Cras!
Mother Of All Virtues
Meaning Of The Message
Praying Dangerously
The Problem Of Pain II
All Things Work For Good...
Optimism Amid Difficulties
The Maldonado Miracle
Discipline vs. Freedom III
Meek and Humble of Heart
The Problem of Pain


Divisions in the Church
Asians of the Year
All Hatred Driven Hence
Harden Not Our Hearts
The Cross is Foolishness
And Love the Wind and Rain
The Joy in Pain
A Sacrifice of Joy
O "Holey" Ones (Ceaseless Prayer II)
Meekness In Face Of Evil
Bono, Karma & Grace
"My Precious!"
Weeds Among The Wheat III
Be Not Afraid
Cancelling Debts Lovingly
A Survivor Called Grace
Father, Forgive...
Lurking In Our Fears, Anger
Abou Ben Adhem
Spirit, Soul & Body
Sand & Stone
Acts of God or Man?
Happy Are The Merciful
Happy Are The Meek II
Happy Are The Meek
When Does Human Life Begin?
Attitude Is A Choice II
Consolation Without Cause
Retired couple embrace abandoned children
Blessing Instead of Cursing (Sex, Lies & the Truth)
What I Don't Understand
Saints & Sinners All
Secrets Of The Vine
Our Will Within God's Will II
Our Will Within God's Will
The Freedom In Forgiveness
Try Reasoning With A...
Myths About Singles
What Would You Do IF...
Sado-Masochistic Charity
Judging Singles
The New Way Of the Cross (Ascertaining Truth III)
Ascertaining Truth II
Is It Wrong To Be A Single?
Have Mercy On Us, O God...
Thrill Of The Chaste
The Yeast Of The Pharisees
Speaking The Truth...
Unthinkable Options
What Is Truth... II
Peace and Reason Amid Chaos
Six People Talking
Becoming Better, not Bitter
A New Kind of Evil


Giving From Our Ample Poverty
Glorious "Clay Pot" Community
"Money Not Enough?"
Why NOT have a Casino?
Solve Problems First
10 Reasons Against Casinos
"But Who Are We Kidding?" (Gambling Sucks!)
Raison D'etre II
Raison D'etre
La Dolce Far Niente
Suffer Not, Love Not?
Why Is Life So Unfair?
Too Much Of A Good Thing
A House Divided
Swifter Than Weaver's Shuttle
The Problem Of Greed II
'Clean' Leader In Corrupt World
The Problem of Greed


Web Revamp, Twitter & Tumblr
Flawed Impressions
What Are My Christian Credentials?
ETS President Returns to the Church ("Because truth matters")
A Blogger's Prayer
The Shape of Our Faith
Is God The Cause of Everything?
Changing Images of God
Which is easier? To live or to die?
Peace Through Our Enemy's Eyes
Why Is Life So Unfair?
"There Is Nothing Told"
Least Happy People in Asia
12 Most Viewed Posts
"Gospels" of "Me"
Singapore Elections 2006
Wilm Hosenfeld
Silent Night 平安夜
The World's Song
Patron Saint of the Nerds ;-)
Dying or Being Born?
Words of Honor
Anchored on Peter's Grave
Refugees Are Dangerous People
"Mary" & "Martha" Friars
Fruits & Seeds (Listen, But Never Understand)
My Skating Partner (Be Not Afraid II)
Steve Jobs: Impending Death
Steve Jobs: Getting Fired
Steve Jobs: Connecting Dots
Shame On The Media
100 Things Before Death
Holy smoke! Habemus papam!
Wholesome Not Enough?
Dona Nobis Pacem Domine
May 18, 1920 - April 2, 2005
Holy Week in Little Portion
Hail, Mary
Whenever I Am Weak...
Aut Mali Aut Male Aut Mala
La Dolce Far Niente II
Blessed Are The Persecuted
Why God 'Allowed' Deadly Tsunami
"It is the Lord!"
Deep Water
O Emmanuel
O Rex Gentium
O Oriens
O Clavis David
O Radix Jesse
O Adonai
O Sapientia
"Great Men", 'Small Men"
"Who Am I?"
The Souls of the Just
The Father Of Lies
Tactics of God & the Enemy
Weeds Among The Wheat II
Weeds Among The Wheat
How Will I Know?
One Flaw In Women
Crossing The Road...
Why Is Good Friday Good?
Three Wishes Granted
So, This Is It
A Letter To Our Holy Father
Frail But Still Fighting