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Swifter Than Weaver's Shuttle

"My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle..." -- Job 7:6

[May "they come to an end" full of faith, hope and love.] IT'S TRITE TO SAY that time flies. But it did. One month has flown past. Only now am i writing another journal entry.

And i've done it. Dropped just about everything except my job: professional group activities, toastmasters committee work and the last two assignments for a part-time Online Teaching module. Spent lots of time reading up, dreaming of and planning a nine-day holiday -- four nights in Tokyo and another four in Shanghai. Went on the holiday. It was good, could have been better. But then, that's life.

Finally, recharged and freed (in a month's time) to take up a big challenge next January, a new Master of Arts in Instructional Design & Technology at the National Institute of Education. And leaving enough room for weekly physical, social and spiritual activities -- the things that truly matter.

(See also Too Much of A Good Thing.)

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