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A House Divided

A TALK LAST FRIDAY on Catholic missionaries (in particular, CICM Missions) in China set me thinking and wanting. It was interesting, informative and touching at times. Before the end of the talk, i was raring to part of the mission. China, my beloved! At long last, i think i can do something for her. Yet, i know not how this can come to be.

My mind is like a house divided, easily 'moved' hither and thither. Although i've dropped many things, i still have much left to fill the entire year 2004 -- a full-time job, an upcoming masters program, an eight-day Ignatian retreat, a website migration and re-design. These are going to be more than enough to take up most of my time and energies.

Yet, the moment a church mate informed me of a 5-day Franciscan symposium in early January, i wanted to go. Why? Because of St Francis, of course! And there's the niche... Another moment, an ex-colleague wrote from UK to say that her teacher will be bringing the class on a 16-day art tour of Italy, i wanted to go too. A trip to Italy, especially Rome and Assisi, is a dream for Catholics like me! Visited Italy during a 33-day European tour more than 10 years ago. Loved Italy! An arts study tour plus good company top it all! Just borrowed Frommer's Rome from the library. Now considering whether to learn Italian or even Latin in April-June, the holiday period for my masters program.

I want it all. Yet, how do i juggle all these? A cautious little voice keeps saying, "Take some time to pray, think and talk about all these... What is God's priority for me? What would God want me to do first with my limited time, money and energies?"

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