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So, This Is It

YES, WE ARE NOW AT THE END of the year 2003. Seems only yesterday that mother, third sis and i strolled through a trade fair along the banks of Singapore River on a Chinese New Year's evening -- throwing coins into a wishing well, donating to charities and getting fragrant incense sticks as gifts.

Is it true that the year's almost over? Just learnt of another death: famous Hongkong singer and performer Anita Mui died yesterday at age 40. My age. How short life can be! What will tomorrow bring? Will i regret one day that i didn't do something so very important to me?

Through this weblog (or blog), i only managed to capture a few snapshots of what had happened in my life this year. So many more have slipped through the cracks amidst lots of happy or frustrating times spent on full-time work, part-time professional activities, part-time teaching and learning, this website... and thankfully, lots of good times with God, church, family and friends (new and old) too.

STARTED THIS BLOG BECAUSE of a nagging feeling before and around the first half of 2003 that i should write it all down.

Throughout the year 2002, had several encounters with a middle-aged colleague who was passionate about promoting "Memories As Stories" among everyone (especially parents), that is, journalling as a way of recording our memories as stories for our loved ones. In October, learnt about an innovative lecturer on campus who encouraged his students to write reflective logs of what they had learnt during a web design project. In late November, joined a new lecturers' training class for five days. Again, journalling is encouraged as a way of reflective learning.

In January this year, attended three very interesting events: a Mid-Life Direction workshop by a Franciscan sister, a Reality Therapy workshop by a Canossian sister, and a Story seminar by Robert McKee. The need for journalling simply got repeated over and over again.

In March, was interviewed by three MDA officials as part of their preliminary study into how they may develop and promote the publishing sector in Singapore. No creative works worth showing off. Yet. Finally got started in early June, towards the end of an Online Teaching module with an Australian university. Assignment Three was a Reflective Learning journal. So there, one concrete fruit from that course was this blog! Many times, we don't appreciate what we've got until we manage to see things in perspective.

Yes, i'm taking a risk with this blog. It is afterall rather public, even though i've deliberately chosen not to publicize my website or blogs through search engines or weblogs.com pinging. This is why i have held back some details at times. Some people may judge me (or others) as a result of this. And perhaps, the greatest fear of all: what would some unscrupulous creature do with the information gleaned through the pages of this blog? On the other hand, some have been encouraged to share more with me and even start their own journalling!

To embrace life, one needs to take deliberated risks now and then. Silence or non-action is a decision and a form of self-expression too. When we choose silence or non-action too often, we could be taking risks of not opening ourselves to serendipity and living life to the fullest. So, this is it: my "memories as stories" and my reflective learning journal.

Thank you, Lord Jesus (and all the saints and angels in heaven, and all my family and friends on earth), for journeying with me throughout the year and for surprising me now and then with little delights and insights. Please continue to be with me in the new year and always. Amen.

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