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Three Wishes Granted

WONDER OF WONDERS: Had three items in my Wish List in Amazon.com fulfilled last Sunday!

First, went to Holy Cross to attend the 12.15pm Epiphany mass. M. the 'storekeeper' waved at me. Ten of JMT's newest Signatures CDs had reached him and had been sold out. Almost. He kept one copy just for me. Thank God!

Next, went with a friend W. to a garage sales at the home of another friend G. Wanted to 'kill two birds with one stone' by buying something from G. and giving it to W. for her new home. Turned out that nothing was suitable for W. Instead, found two books on my Wish List (as above), The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler and Designing Web Usability by Jakob Nielsen. Paid three dollars for first book and got the second book for free. How lucky can one get in a day? ;-)

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