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That Leap Of Faith

DID ANYONE CATCH THE MOVIE Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade on Singapore TV Channel i last Friday night?

If you have not, maybe the reviews in the Christian Answers website might help. As the key reviewer put it, "In this final installment of the famous trilogy, Steven Spielberg has executed yet another blockbuster and added another terrific narrative to the life of Indiana Jones. Professor Henry Jones 'Junior' (Harrison Ford) and newcomer Henry Senior (Sean Connery) team up to recover another ancient relic from the Bible. This time, they search for the Cup of Christ. Nazis are once again the bad guys throughout the film, as they race against our heroes to claim the Holy Grail for 'Der Fuhrer'."

If you have seen this movie, you might remember a scene where Indy had to cross a ravine where there's no bridge to get the Holy Grail so that he can save his father. In his desperation, despite earlier disbelief, he finally puts his trust in God. Remembering the words of Jones Sr., 'You must believe, boy, you must', he takes a literal 'leap of faith' into thin air. And suddenly, a solid bridge appears beneath his feet.

HAD A GOOD TIME WATCHING the movie again. More than 13 years have passed. How do i manage to remember the number of years? Well, this movie has helped to move me forward in my search for spiritual truth also around 13 years ago.

Then, i had been 'reading' the bible almost every day for a few years. 'Devouring' is perhaps a more accurate description because i've found the words in the holy book amazingly wise and insightful most times, and intriguing and mystifying at other times. Had also attended adult catechism classes at a Catholic church near home three times, over three years. Many questions had already been answered through personal experiences and by a very patient and understanding priest Fr Vincent Chee who led and guided us then. Some questions had been answered by a series of talks by a priest from Hongkong, Fr Xu Jing Yao, who quoted liberally from Chinese literature to explain biblical truths from a Chinese perspective. However, a number of difficult questions still remained unanswered.

This 'leap of faith' scene came in at the right time, illustrating quite logically to me how i should simply let go and let God answer those questions AFTER taking the 'plunge'.

However, i still had one more emotional block then -- why should i, a Chinese, worship a Middle-Eastern man as my god? When it was time to sign in the book for the Rite of Election, everyone in my class did so except me. My sponsor told me then, "It's okay. Just go along with the group to take a look at how the ceremony is like." So, i did.

On the day of Election, we were taken to the Church of St Joseph in Upper Bukit Timah Road. Almost immediately, i was bowled over by the 'Chineseness' of the church building, the furniture, the paintings on the side and finally, four Chinese words above the altar -- 万有真源 (wan4 you3 zhen1 yuan2, True Source of All Existence).

This time, i had no more hesitation. Got up from my seat near the front, ran all the way to the back where the book is, signed my name and i was ready to participate in the Rite of Election, just one step away from Baptism!

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