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Too Much Of A Good Thing

A page from "Mission 2000: Praying Scripture in a Contemporary Way" by Mark Link, s.j.:

"[THE APOSTLES WERE SO BUSY doing other things that they were not doing the things God gave them to do. So they asked for assistants, saying,] 'We ourselves, then, will give our full time to prayer and the work of preaching.' " -- Acts 6:4

"A student with earphones on a beach can hear more composers in a day than Mozart heard in a lifetime. A visitor to an art museum can see more masterpieces in an hour than Reubens saw in a year. When I read the daily paper, I'm exposed to more news in an hour than the apostles were exposed to in a year.

"All this exposure makes me ask, Am I so busy keeping in touch with all kinds of things that I am losing touch with the big things that really matter -- God and myself?"

"O Thou, Who art at home
Deep in my heart,
Enable me to join You
Deep in my heart."
-- The Talmud

THESE DAYS, MY TIME IS PREOCCUPIED with all kinds of activities again -- work, Masters lessons and assignments, bible study, fellowship sessions, line dance, books, movies, dinners, TV... Part-time teaching will be starting soon. And it's about time for some Web migration work.

My mind is just as preoccupied, "To buy or not to buy a notebook PC from campus? To join or not to join yet another fitness class? To attend or not to attend the annual meditation retreat in Sienna in July (and visit Rome and Assisi around the same time)? To travel or not to travel to my parents' hometown in China? To join or not to join yet another bible study series? To go or not to go on an eight-day Ignatian retreat?"

i believe i have good reasons for doing each one of the above things. However, while reading Fr. Mark Link's Thought for the Day last night, i wondered, "Am i still distracting myself with things that don't really matter to God and me?"

Is there a retreat for setting really concrete priorities for all aspects of our daily life?

(See also Swifter Than A Weaver's Shuttle and So, This Is It.)

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