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"Who Am I?"

My answer on a worksheet for a workshop last week -- reviewed, edited and re-ordered:

I am Chinese.
I am Catholic.
I am Singaporean.
I am single.
I am woman.
I am in my early 40s.
I am an instructional designer and a technologist.
I am an avid reader.
I am a keen learner.

I am fond of travelling.
I am fond of visiting museums.
I am a lover of scenaries, beaches and gardens.
I am a lover of music, art and all things beautiful.
I am a sister of an insurance agent, a remisier, a director, a secretary and a clerk.
I am a 'sister' of atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, Christians....
I am an aunty of seven boys and two girls.
I am an 'aunty' of uncountable boys and girls. [so i am!]
I am a friend of a wonderful friend.
I am a 'friend' of the friendless. [a new goal for the new year]
I am a child of a seafood seller.
I am a child of the One who made Heaven and Earth.
I am a lover of God.
I am loved by God. [may i always remember this!]
I am a follower of Christ.
I am a visible manifestation of God's love and truth. [another goal]

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