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10 Reasons Against Casinos

DO WE REALISE that those who clamor for casinos on economic grounds -- ignoring the grave social ill-effects and the research studies that suggest that casinos have a cannibalizing effect on other industries, etc. -- are the ones who are narrow-minded, closed-minded, and need to change their mindset?

Ten reasons why Singapore should not have a casino:

1. From an economic standpoint, a casino will have an adverse impact on Singapore in the long term -- according to a model constructed by two local economics professors. [1] Singapore has a small population and is surrounded by regional 'competitors'. [2]

2. We Singaporeans are NOT in a desparate economic situation. We have just posted an annual growth of around 8%.

3. We do NOT want to be world-class or world-famous for gambling and casinos.

4. Statistically, a significant proportion of Asians prefer gaming tables (in particular, casino gaming tables) to slot machines. [3] In any case, how much money can be lost in one night by one person through a slot machine (which was reportedly more addictive) versus a gaming table?

5. CURRENT GAMBLING PROBLEMS are already bad enough. "If a casino is built, Singapore will have to improve its social services, National Council of Social Service president Gerard Ee said. Even now, Singapore is 'ill-prepared' to address the existing problems of gambling addiction, much less those that will arise with a casino, he added." [4] Our government should be working towards the reduction and/or eradication of gambling and NOT increase gambling opportunities. Otherwise, at least solve the current problems FIRST before introducing more problems!

6. Rates of gambling addiction (a psychological condition) double within 50 miles of a casino. [5]

7. In the USA, "Two to 6 percent of the mainstream population are problem gamblers, but in the Chinese community it is some 20 percent," said Dr. Eddie Chiu of the Richmond Area Multi Service Center. [6]

8. "Desperate to "chase" and recover gambling losses, pathological gamblers often turn to crime. Fraud and embezzlement become common among formerly hardworking and highly trusted people. Violent crimes also increase." [7], [8]

9. "...[gambling] crime is so perilous it can corrupt a government until it becomes an element in crime or crime becomes part of the government." [9]

10. The Chinese is capable of committing crimes that "make Al Capone's Chicago look like a tame place." [10]

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by tree#138680 on Sat Dec 04 04 7:19 am | profile


An interesting post by someone called 'Fatcat' on the discussion forum at the Feedback Unit:

"Let's stop challenging the inevitable. Casino is a sure bet! Yes. The writings are on the wall: from the ministers to the media - the rhetoric is on how we SHOULD adopt a mindset change in welcoming this cash cow than to decide whether to have one. I wish I am wrong but I am willing to bet my last dollar on a Casino in Singapore within 5 years. Watch this space.

"Let us give a hand to the authority to draw the conclusion closer to a Yes by adopting the following:

"1. If casino is a sure-win business - All Singaporean are to share the net profits in cash dividends. (1 billion profit means $250 each)

"2. If casino means more dysfunctional families - Provide Special Budgetary policies for social and home affairs agencies to tackle the spoils (a ten times increased in crime and family breakdowns are expected)

"3. If casino destroy society - implement an EXIT STRATEGY. (This is hard for our Government. They "hardly fails", Don't they? Something like this means they are wronged. Rule one: Our Governement are NEVER wrong. If you suspect they did, refer to rule One.)

"4. If casino draws tourist and boast Economy - Stage a benchmark now and if this gamble fails, economists and ministers to step down! I meant calling for their blood, and not some transfer between sectors. Yes, some accountabilty please. Our country need some.

"5. If casino gaming induced frauds like CEO siphoning monies or accounting frauds - A social insurance to be set up and the society to be shielded from the effects of such multi million losses. Remember our APB hero?

"With these plans inplaced, I think I am ready for Casino in Singapore. What are the odds of Government sharing their porfits with you? Remember that Casino is a sure fire game: Profits' mine, social spoilts yours.

"Happy Holidays at the tables near you....."

Posted by: tree#138680 on Sat Dec 04 04 10:52 pm

Another interesting post, this time by a "Lee Dynasty":

Ten reasons why Singapore should not have a casino:
1. From an economic standpoint,..........

what talk you, How about this

Ten simple reason why singapore should have a casino:

1. Economy no steam ahead, 2. external wing is sick, 3. overseas venture failed, 4. local people untalented, 5. Regional countries overtaking, 6. market share being diluted daily. 7. Publicity stunts failed. 8. Minister and goverment servant want high pay, 9. Can't even have enough water. 10. our youth are potential quitters.

So beside vice what do you expect for survival in the globalised economy given these constraints. Moral and ethics are obselete, and only fools and dreamers practices it in this day.

Go ahead and have casinos, that much better than to have a future of prosituting your wife and daughters and youself becoming a tuk tok driver c** pimp.

Posted by: tree#138680 on Tue Dec 07 04 12:03 am

For lottery winner, $113m hasn't bought happiness
By Kelley Schoonover, Associated Press
December 14, 2004

"The world's first glimpse of Jack Whittaker, winner of the richest undivided lottery jackpot in US history, was of a boisterous, happy-go-lucky guy in a big cowboy hat who loved his family, work, and God, and promised to share his good fortune with the church and the poor.

"Two years later, the picture the public is seeing now is a mugshot of a haggard, somber man.

"Whittaker, 57, has been arrested twice on drunken driving charges in the past year and has been ordered to go into rehab by Jan. 2 for 28 days. On Monday, he pleaded no contest to charges he attacked a bar manager, and he is accused in two lawsuits of making trouble at a nightclub and a racetrack.

'...Although he was already a wealthy contractor, Whittaker became an instant celebrity on Christmas Day 2002 after winning a $314.9 million Powerball jackpot. He took his winnings in a lump sum of $113 million after taxes, and at a news conference in which he came across as a jolly saint, he promised to donate one-tenth to his church and contribute to other causes.

"...But in August 2003, a briefcase containing $545,000 in cash and cashier's checks was stolen from Whittaker's sport utility vehicle while it was parked at a strip club. Police disclosed that Whittaker not only frequented strip clubs, but was also a high-stakes gambler, which is why he was carrying so much cash.

"The break-in was the first of several thefts involving Whittaker's vehicle, his office, and his house in Scott Depot, a booming bedroom community of about 8,000 situated between Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia's two biggest cities.

"...During yesterday's plea hearing, a lawyer for Whittaker said he has donated more than $20 million to charity since he won the lottery.

"Today, his charitable foundation is closed, according to a secretary at Whittaker's company. The legal troubles have raised questions about whether he will be able to fulfill some promises to help others."

Posted by: tree#138680 on Thu Dec 16 04 9:26 am

In The Straits Times today, a report "Booming Macau set to be world's casino capital" claimed that "Most important of all, compared to the old days, Macau's gaming business is now relatively vice-free as there are now few loopholes for triads and illegal moneylenders to exploit."

What is China correspondent Ching Cheong's basis for saying this? He did not cite any authority, research studies, statistics, etc.

Just because he says so, it is so?

Posted by: tree#138680 on Sun Dec 19 04 1:32 am

China cracks down on gambling
by Louisa Lim, BBC News, Beijing, 12-Jan-2005

"China's authorities have announced a campaign to stop rampant gambling, especially among government officials. When the communists took over in 1949 they branded gambling "a paramount evil" and banned it.

"Although it is still illegal, it has been making a comeback in various forms. Official gambling habits shot into the headlines last month, when it emerged a senior official had made at least 15 trips to a North Korean casino. After losing $300,000 in public funds, Cai Hao-wen disappeared and went on the run.

"And huge amounts of Chinese money, both private and apparently public funds too, are crossing the border in this way. One official estimate is that Chinese gamblers spend $70bn a year at foreign casinos and race-courses.

"Stopping Chinese from betting money overseas will be a focus of this latest campaign. But gambling also persists at home, though under other names. At horse racing tracks, race-goers can buy what is called a guessing voucher for one particular horse, to be exchanged for cash prizes if the animal wins its race.

"Though illegal, punters also often bet on mah-jong games and even cockfights in some parts of the country. Indeed it seems no activity is immune. Last year police in Shanghai even busted a ring of 200 hardcore gamblers who had been placing bets on the ancient Chinese hobby of cricket fighting.

"Media reports said the minimum bet on each insect was $600."

Posted by: tree#138680 on Sun Jan 30 05 12:28 am

casinos should not be built in singapore

+it is costly
+it is addictive
+causes society problems as more gamblers leads to high risk of bankruptcy
+it is must be inapplicable to underage citizens
+we are not promoting gambling but are discouraging people not to gamble
+it is not okay for people to neglect their work if they take up the habit of gambling and losing their money unmeaningfully

Posted by: gal on Fri Mar 11 05 12:30 pm

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