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O Oriens

Fifth "O" Antiphon (for Dec 21) paraphrased from an article by Michael P. Mernagh in a church bulletin:

"O Rising Sun, splendour of eternal light,
And sun of righteousness:
Come, And enlighten those sitting in darkness
And the shadow of death." -- Zec 3:8,6:2; Isa 9:2,60:1-3; Wis 7:26; Kgs 1:78; Heb 1:3

O light, brightness and warmth,
You have power to give life.
In the gloom of the north during the days of Advent,
We often find ourselves waiting for the sun to shine.
We cry out to you, O Rising Sun,
whom we trust will arise even in the grayest of times
when it seems like we will never see the light again.
You appear -- huge, fiery, powerful and capable of
dispelling darkness and giving and suporting life.
Christ, our sun of justice,
You become more visible, more accessible,
as we are enlightened by Your presence.

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