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O Rex Gentium

Sixth "O" Antiphon (for Dec 22) paraphrased from an article by Michael P. Mernagh in a church bulletin:

"O King of the Nations, Whom they have long awaited,
The cornerstone, Who makes both sides one,
Come, Save us, Whom you fashioned out of clay." -- Jer 10:7; Hag 2:8; Isa 28:16; Gen 2:7; Eph 2:4

O promised one of Israel,
O Christ whom we desire,
Just as Israel waited for you
to bring them together again and make them a great nation,
So we wait for You
who are the cornerstone of our lives.
Christ, shape our lives
like clay vessels on the potter's wheel.
You are the king of our lives.

by tree#138680 on Wed Dec 22 04 1:32 pm | profile



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