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The Problem of Greed

FOR SOME REASON, the tune of God of Day and God of Darkness kept reverberating in my mind during a directed retreat in May. Sometimes, i think i have a guardian angel who hums to me. This seemed to be one of those times.

i could not remember the lyrics. So, after the retreat, i checked out the lyrics and couldn't get over the pathos in the second verse for some time:

Still the nations curse the darkness,
Still the rich oppress the poor;
Still the earth is bruised and broken
By the ones who still want more.

Small boy eating crumbs off the floor -- received this photo from a friend via email, not sure who the photographer is.

How many times do we face problems because of our own or somebody else's greed? How many times do we waste energy, time and money to go after things that we don't need? Yet how many times do people suffer in abject poverty while the greedy couldn't be satisfied wth the plenty that they already have?

Last year had a year of many financial scandals -- one economic crisis close at heels of another. As a special report at accountancyage.com, 2002: Year in Review, put it, "It's been a year many in the acccounting profession would like to forget -- 12 months dominated by the demise of former Big Five firm Andersen, as corporate America was consumed in a long list of accounting scandals, starting with gas giant Enron and global telecom WorldCom, both which spectacurlarly collapsed."

The Church has not been spared either. In Singapore, it has been recently rocked by news that a parish priest might have siphoned millions of dollars from charity funds into his own pocket.

Moving even closer: i'm continually reminded by the numerous useless stuff in my home -- despite repeated springcleaning year after year -- of how greedy i can be at times and how the money could have been put to better use.

What i have done, especially recently, for the less fortunate?

(see The Problem of Greed II in TrialsGraces&Choices)

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