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Dona Nobis Pacem Domine

Lyrics of a song in my Taize CD "Wait for the Lord":

Dona nobis pacem Domine (continual chant)
I will hear what the Lord has to say:
A voice that speaks of peace,
Peace for His people and his [friends?];
And the voice [are ...ing] in the hearts.
Dona nobis pacem Domine (continual chant)
Christ is our peace, making us one.
In his own person, he destroyed hostility,
He came and preached the good news of peace.
Dona nobis pacem Domine (continual chant)

SOMEHOW, fragments of this song kept coming to mind yesterday and today. After checking my CD, i thought it sounded vaguely like "Dona nobis pacem Domine". Brought the CD to work and played it -- it is the song. Checked out the Internet and found out that "Dona nobis pacem Domine" means "Grant us peace, Lord"! (Psallite Deo, by the way, means "Sing to the Lord", according to some Internet sites.)

While watching the TV and scanning Internet news reports yesterday, i was quite struck by the numerous tributes that have been made to the Pope, almost all invariably on the theme that our holy father has contributed significantly to world peace!

i thank you, Lord, for this gift. Whatever the reason may be, my mind somehow manages to tune in to (or receive) the right song for the occasion. The tune and lyrics are often a little vague. Often i'll take a while to make out the fragments and to figure out they mean. Even now, as i try to transcribe the lyrics of the song, Dona Nobis Pacem Domine, i still cannot make out some of the words. The female singer's voice is so high-pitched that it's difficult to make out what she's singing at many points. So, when listening to the CD, i had never really paid attention to the lyrics. The music and the chanting were what attracted me in the first place.

One of these days, i must really learn Latin.

Meanwhile, dona nobis pacem, Domine!

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