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Why These Rocks?

This coming Sunday's reflection from "Action 2000: Praying Scripture in a Contemporary Way" by Fr Mark Link, sj., quoting scripture and an anonymous writer:

"[Lord!] Make our faith greater." -- Luke 17:5

"The road of life was bright.
It stretched before my sight.
The Lord was at my side
to be my friend and guide.
And so I started out.
"But then the sky grew dark,
and the road grew steep and stark.
Rocks and ruts cut my feet.
My legs grew sore and weak.
I scarce could travel on.
"I turned and cried, 'My Lord!
Why this pain; why this plight?
Why these ruts; why these rocks?
Why this darkness? Where's the light?
I cannot carry on.'
"The Lord replied, 'My child!
Why this fear; why this fright?
Where's your faith? Where's your trust?
Love chose this road for you.
Just trust and travel on.' "

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