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The World's Song

An extract from the 23rd Dec reflection in God Calling, edited by A.J. Russell:

"Bless us, O Lord, we beseech Thee and show us the way in which Thou wouldst have us walk."

Walk with Me in the way of Peace. Shed Peace, not discord, wherever you go. But it must be My Peace.

Never a Peace that is a truce with the power of evil. Never harmony if that means your life-music being adapted to the mood and music of the world.

My disciples so often make the mistake of thinking all must harmonious. No! Not when it means singing the song of the world.

I, the Prince of Peace, said that I came "not to bring Peace but a sword."

"Where the truth can be stranger than fiction..."

OVER RECENT WEEKS, had been watching on and off an intriguing TV series called "Great White Tower" (a.k.a "Shiroi Kyoto 2003").

As reviewer il mare put it, "What is the role of a doctor? What is the value of life? How do you prioritise when your work is saving lives? How does one life measure up to another? What is the difference between confidence and arrogance? How does idealism become naivety? When does living your dream become living your nightmare? And when does the savior turn into a butcher? Shiroi Kyoto's attempts to address these questions, and engages the audience to reflect about our personal values and how we would deal with the situation while trying to survive in this world of the fittest.

"There were 2 parts to the story, with the first 10 episodes centered on Zaizen's fight for the hot seat as professor of the First Surgery Department, and the second part focused on a medical law suit which Zaizen was embroiled in soon after ascending to professor-hood.

"...In the second part, when the focus was on the medical lawsuit, it was amazing how a simple case could have such far and wide implications besides the plaintiff and defendant. To think that the original story was written in 1963, yet the issues and problems are still relevant in the new millennium! Taking responsibility for one's error is still considered a big taboo, whistle blowers are still ostracized for telling the truth, the plaintiffs are not sympathized with for their action, and the act of covering up and looking out for each other runs deep in the medical profession. Even the lawyer who fought for the plaintiff was on the verge of closing down his law firm as he could not make enough money from taking medical cases like this. The story does not glamorize the medical profession; instead the writer presented the sad and blatant truth on the pitfalls and shortcomings of the situation. In this story, no one was spared from the persecution, and there were no winners in this story. It was not a case against Zaizen, rather it was an outcry against the entire medical system."

Felt a strange sense of deja vu while watching the serial just now. Latest news on the NKFS saga has revealed more shocking details since the public release of the KPMG investigation report on 19th Dec -- from revelations that only 10 cents of every charity dollar went to subsidise patients' direct treatment costs, to extravagance among board members and wasted opportunities by regulators to commence investigations earlier.

Perhaps like Zaizen, the ex-CEO of NKFS had started off with altruistic ideals, "but got lost along the way". But having been a long-time NKFS donor until July this year, I feel really outraged. Yes, we should be merciful. But this is simply a situation where justice (not condemnation) and related checks and balances must be in place before Singaporeans as a whole can move forward with restored trust in the integrity of charitable organizations.

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