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Silent Night 平安夜

Silent Night in Mandarin

HAD A SIMPLE AND PEACEFUL mass at Holy Cross last night with my mother, singing Christmas carols in Chinese! ;-)

Many familiar songs, such as "Silent Night" and "Angels We Have Heard On High" suddenly turned unfamiliar -- since the lyrics were in Mandarin. Many unfamiliar (but beautiful nevertheless) songs, on the other hand, became especially endearing because of their beautiful melodies and lyrics, for example, a song called "有一件礼物".

Looking back (and now listening to "The Three Tenors at Christmas" CD), i'm reminded of several Christmases past. There was one Christmas which i spent with members from the Focolare many years ago. We sang "Silent Night" in many languages because the people present were from various countries. It was such a treat -- to hear this beautiful song in German, Italian, Cantonese, Spanish and finally in English!

Then there was one amazing Christmas which i spent at the Little Sisters of the Poor home in Thomson Road (now known as St Theresa's Home for the Aged). There was this (ahem!) well-endowed woman singing Christmas carols in soprano (wow!) and a ballerina dancing daintily to the turnes! 'Twas quite a magical night!

This Christmas, received a web link to a cute and humorous dialogue between two Hokkien carollers. ;-)

Am also reminded of that silent night (just before dawn) on Dec 26, 2004, when the deadly Asian Tsunami first began. How not to, with the local TV's constant screening of a show called "Tsunami Disaster: One Year On" since last week, reviewing what has happened since the Asian Tsunami last Dec 26. Perhaps sub-consciously, these media people are calling the Asian Tsunami "the Christmas Tsunami"? But do they realise that it's not Dec 26 yet? Can't they wait for a week or two before they spoil the joyful Christmas mood? Haiz!

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