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Singapore Elections 2006

Graphics showing trends in Election Themes among blogs from 20/4/06 to 06/05/06.A hilarious and yet thoughtful post at TalkingCock.com on the current elections and some interesting statistics on Election Themes from NexLabs:

"...TalkingCock would like to wish all candidates in the upcoming elections, regardless of party, the very best of luck. We at TalkingCock believe that all of you in some way are meeting our needs -- and that is providing us with material to talk cock about for months to come.

"We also believe that all of you are 'First World'. However, we are not sure that world is Earth..."

"...AFTER ALL, there are clear signs that you all may be from a different planet:

1. Who can cockup submitting forms in not one, but two elections?
2. Who thinks one can still hope to get into Parliament after having snapped naughty pictures of one's maid -- and kena caught some more?
3. Who thinks suicide is the best strategy for your party?
4. Who really thinks that suing people for saying bad things about you actually makes people think good things about you?

"Bravo! If we could vote all of you in, we would! More good years!

"We urge all our readers to vote in line with their own conscience and evaluation and to completely ignore whatever we say or write about in this site. We really don't care who makes it in -- there'll always be a place for you in TalkingCock.com!"

AS FOR ME: "Dear Lord, may the better men and women in Your eyes be elected into office tomorrow. Amen!"

(See also Wikipedia entry on Singapore general elections, 2006.)

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