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"There Is Nothing Told"

Verses from a song composed by Christopher Willcock, sj.:

There is nothing told about this woman, but that
[1] she had once become engaged, and an angel addressed her and said, "You are blessed among all your kind."
[2] she had brought into the world, in the land of Judaea, her son; for some shepherds have passed on this tale.
[3] she had searched for three long days for her child who was busy elsewhere, and her heart then did not understand.
[4] she at Cana was a guest, and that Jesus changed water to wine, so that all might believe who he was.
[5] she was standing by the cross when her son stretched his arms out on high, and met death with a thief on each side.
[6] she was one in prayer with those up on whom tongues of fire did descend, and the Spirit baptized them with flame.

On this day all earth and all paradise join
in naming you happy and blessed;
Virgin Mary, blessed are you.

ATTENDED mass at St M. just now. Happy Assumption Day, Mother M.!

Fr J. gave a moving sermon (actually a little boy that he knows personally did) of how Mother Mary always thinks of others first and gives herself with great love and joy to others, just like the little boy's grandpa did when he was alive. And so, the little boy's very certain that his grandpa would one day be in heaven in body and in soul -- just like Mother Mary is.

We sang many beautiful and moving songs. Somehow, "There Is Nothing Told" was the most moving one. Perhaps because of Fr J.'s explanation of how the gospels are stories centered around Jesus and thus not much about the saints or Mary, and perhaps because he tried to describe to the congregation his indescribable experience (how moved he felt) upon entering the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, where an empty marble slab lay. According to tradition, this was where Mary was put to rest, and from where she was raised up to heaven.

We are blessed indeed over and over again by holy saints like Mary and great preachers like Fr J. May my soul too glorify the Lord and my spirit too rejoice in God my Saviour... Holy, holy, holy is His name!

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