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A Dynamic & Holy Leisure

An extract from "A Mystic Garden" by Gunilla Norris, thanks to today's reading in Living Faith:

The Lord himself will give his benefits; our land shall yield its increase. -- Psalm 85:13

"I plant, cultivate, weed, water, harvest. My efforts influence what happens, but what about how the garden influences me? The few hours I work are nothing in comparison to the hours the garden burgeons and fruits. It does it all on its own. In my life, too, so much happens that I have no apparent effort in creating.

"What a slow process it is to learn that an essential part of working, in a garden or in life, is to let what is happening happen! Of course, we must do our part, but equally we must allow ourselves and our circumstances to simply be, to evolve without force.

"The garden holds an invisible power we are invited to witness. How amazing to sense oneself rooted in a dynamic and holy leisure, an organic confidence that we are held and sustained by the ground of being. THen even dark, dead and barren parts of ourselves have an authentic place to be. Centered in the deep conviction that what needs to happen is occurring, we learn to let go, to trust infinite timing, not our own."

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