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Giving From Our Ample Poverty

A passage to remember: A commentary on Luke 21:4 by Sr Joyce Rupp, osm, in Living Faith (Oct-Dec 2006):

"There are numerous ways we can be like the impoverished widow who gave from her meager resources. We do this not only when we struggle financially, but anytime we lack the fullness of what is needed to give to God and others. When we have bodily aches and pains, we can go beyond them and give our cheerfulness. If we feel inadequate in expressing our sorrow, we can still go to the grieving and bring the compassion of our physical presence. We may feel emotionally drained, but we can bring whatever meager energy we have to someone in need of our loving care.

"When we expreience the poverty of not feeling God's presence, we can still give ourselves to God through prayer. When we think we do not have excess time from our schedule to spare for anyone else, we can reach into it and choose to give the necessary time. When something given or done for us does not totally meet our expectations, we can still offer a word of praise. Yes, there are many ways we can be the widow who gave from her poverty."

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