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Asians of the Year

IT'S TRULY HEARTENING to know (and see) "Asians who have staked their entire lives on working for their communities... individuals who live by working for the societal good. They may be unknowns outside their immediate neighbourhoods, but their reach is anything but miniscule."


Saw the third episode of a brand new six-part series on ChannelNewsAsia just now. The Asians of the Year shows honour 18 unsung heroes in six categories spanning the environment, social causes, medicine/science, business, education and the arts.

As the online programming noted: "They come from Japan, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Their work and their environments may be vastly different, but their commitment to the causes they have chosen to devote themselves to, speak of a universal language."

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