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Is God The Cause of Everything?

A great reflection by Karla Manternach in Living Faith, December 28th (Holy Innocents):

"Had not the Lord been with us--when men rose up against us,
then they would have swallowed us alive." -- Psalm 124:2-3

These verses expressing confidence in the saving power of God I often hear echoed today. Whether averting a fender bender or getting good news at the doctor's office, people routinely credit God for their portection. Hearing this over and over again makes me a little uncomfortable. What about all those who don't avoid car accidents or whose health is not so good? Is God the cause of these things as well?

I routinely ask God to watch over and protect me and the people I love. I'm sure that impulse is normal, probably even unavoidable. But maybe it's good to try and maintain some kind of humility about knowing what exactly is the activity of God in our lives. We can't know with absolute certainty why things happen, good or bad, or whether God wills them. But we can surrender to the mystery of these unfolding events.

Loving God, please help me know that you are with me no matter what happens. Help me to appreciate what is good in my life and to endure what is difficult. And help me to be transformed by both.

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