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Troubled Lives, Untroubled Hearts

A great reflection in "Living Faith" by Fr James McKarns for last Friday.

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God; have faith also in me." -- John 14:1

St John says it was the night before Jesus died that he gave his disciples the advice about keeping their hearts untroubled. Most likely he was trying to help them face the sorrowful events of Good Friday. Many times we face difficulties and serious problems; to some extent our lives are troubled. But notice: the statement does not say to keep our lives untroubled, but our hearts.

Imagine you are in a large stone castle on a mountain in the midst of a vicious snow storm on a bitterly cold night. You are in a center room peacefully reading a book beside a warm fireplace, untroubled and unaffected by the outside elements. I think Jesus was saying that deep down within ourselves, at the center of our conscious existence, we are to be untroubled, regardless of the adverse elements that may be swirling around us on the outside. Our hearts can be securely insulated within the protective walls of our faith in God.

Dear Lord, we long for peace in our hearts and harmony in the heartland of the world.

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