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What Are My Christian Credentials?

Karla Manternach's reflection in Living Faith for 22 June 2007:

"... I too will boast." 2 Corinthians 11:18

In this passage, Paul is defending himself against other, competing missionaries. They have visited the Christian community in Corinth, and they have said some things to discredit them. It is a little bit like reading Paul's resume. And what a laundry list of "relevant experiences": imprisonments, beatings, brushes with death, lashings, encounters with danger of all kinds, sleeplessness, hunger, cold... and oh, how he worries about the churches he has founded!

I get a chuckle out of Paul. He's so passionate. He's so exasperated. But on the other hand, reading this gives me pause. If I were to boast, what would I have to boast about? What are my Christian credentials? What do I have to show for my faith? Before he was through spreading the Gospel, Paul had gotten himself executed. And what about me? I'm not looking to be martyred, but can people even tell by observing my that I am a disciple of Christ? Shouldn't my actions and my attitude at least give them a hint?

Lord Jesus, you are something to boast about. Help me to proclaim your Gospel!

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